The Maximum H2O water conditioning appliance utilizes nanotechnology to alter water at the molecular level, revitalizing it, and allowing it to more easily hydrate and nourish cells.


Reduce fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides

Increase quality and shelf life of produce

Improve plant health and vigor

Increase Yields

Enhance nutrient mobility

Improved media moisture profile

Reduced mineral scale buildup & corrosion

Resolve iron bacteria, algae and biofilm

Reduce maintenance

Do more with Less!

Improve infiltration and soil moisture content

Maximum H2O treated water has a lower surface tension. This “wetter” water more easily permeates and infiltrates the soil /media, and more importantly, the cellular membrane of plants.  Increasing bioavailability of vital hydration, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients.

Enhanced bioavailability increases growth rates and plant health. Even in hydroponic applications (no media) the Max H2O treated water results in faster growth, larger, more complex root structures, and healthier plants.

Bioavailability = enhanced production

Less irrigation = cost savings

Maximum H2O lowers the viscosity and decreases the surface tension of water.  Installing a Max H2O appliance on your water main or discharge of your irrigation pump will result in an increase in flow rates of 10 – 15%.    This improvement in pump efficiency combined with a 20% reduction in irrigation due to enhanced water productivity typically results in irrigation costs savings of 25 – 32%.

  • Save water
  • Save energy
  • Save labor
  • Extend the life of your equipment

Maximizing returns on your operating expense

Unlock and mobilize minerals

Irrigating with Maximum H2O will unbind minerals locked up in your soil and convert these ions into bioavailable nutrients which turf, plants, and trees can consume as nutrition.

In 2016 an independent agronomy company performed a study of 3 competing products claiming to transform water and improve plant and soil health.

Over a 2 month period both soil paste, and plant sap samples were collected and analyzed.  Maximum H2O outperformed the other products in unlocking minerals from the soil and water supply and mobilizing them as input to the plant.  The mobilization of salts and calcium was outstanding.

Convert harmful minerals into bioavailable nutrition

Improve plant health and produce quality / yield

More efficient hydration, delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and improved soil /media health results in healthier, more productive plants while lowering costs.  Larger more complex root structures and heavier stock weights help defend against environmental damage.

All contributing to greater yields, improved quality, and longer shelf life.  Our products typically pay for themselves within the first year, often with a profit, quickly returning your cost of investment.

We offer a two-year money back satisfaction guarantee 

Reverse and control mineral scale

Control mineral scale buildup without the use of salt, chemicals, power or acid wash.

The H2O Maximizer breaks down minerals into small units and holds them in solution converting damaging minerals into productive nutritionals.  Eliminate scaling and corrosion in equipment and reducing buildup in the soil and media.

Treats rust, iron, iron bacteria, calcium, lime, and hard water issues in pipes, plumbing, nozzles and interior surfaces

Ideal for boilers, cooling towers, micro and drip irrigation or anywhere mineral scale buildup is present.

Control hard water naturally without chemicals


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