Health Benefits

Water, which makes up over 70% of our body composition, is the most influential and vital component of our health, providing the body with the ability to maintain good health and prevent deterioration.


However, this can only be achieved if the quality, content, and structure of the water meet the body’s requirements.

By treating your water with the Maximum H2O system, its molecules line up in a “+-+-“ sequence. This process changes the water’s properties, reducing its surface tension, reducing viscosity,  and increasing availability of dissolved oxygen, all of which makes it hydrate and nourish the cells of our body. Water is then said to be “biologically alive”.

Experience the taste of good health and vitality.

Due to the massive amounts of pollution, and the chemicals and minerals that are added to our drinking water, the water in our homes, available to us through our public, municipal systems, is “dead water”. We can endlessly attempt to filter and purify it, but we will never be able to make it biologically active, or “alive” without the use of hydrodynamic magnetic resonance.

Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance allows us to correct the properties of chaotic molecules found in our water today. After the water is magnetically treated, the molecules immediately regroup themselves into strict rows and the water becomes biologically active. The resulting health benefits are numerous.

Biologically active drinking water promotes optimal health.  Experience the taste of good health and vitality.

H20 Maximizer

Maximum H2O reduces and restructures over-sized water molecule clusters into smaller units, with six water molecules in each cluster. These hexagonal-shaped clusters are recognized by plant—and human—cells as bio-friendly, which allows them easy passage into the cell structure. This fuller hydration, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients, allows the body to operate at a higher state of efficiency and immunity.

Bioavailable water supports:

  • Hydration of all cells and organs
  • Immune system
  • Body alkalinity
  • Anti-aging
  • Dissipation of toxic deposits within connective tissues
  • Healthy skin and hair

A one-time investment in an Maximum H2O appliance provides years of bioavailable drinking water. The money saved, convenience provided, and support for bodily functions makes the H2O MAXIMIZER the best health insurance you can buy for you and your family.

Functions of Water in your Body

Fluid fluctuations effect blood volume and intra-cellular hydration levels. When the amount of fluid within various cellular compartments is relatively constant, there is an exchange of solutes and water between compartments to maintain ideal compositions.

Total body water percentage decreases with age, resulting in inadequate cellular hydration. Most critical is the decrease in the ratio of intra-cellular hydration. The normal ratio is 60% intra-cellular, 40% extra cellular. The reason for change in this ratio is due in part to an increase in fat along with a decrease in muscle, and a decreased ability of the body to regulate sodium and water balance. With age, kidney function becomes less efficient in producing urine and responses for conserving sodium weaken.

The body must continuously be in a proper state of hydration. Because 2.5 liters of water is lost each day through normal bodily functions, this must be replaced. There are two major issues that emphasize the need to keep the body adequately hydrated with water of the best quality, content, and structure so it can maintain homeostasis.

Your Body’s pH

The pH of blood and body fluids must be balanced in order for the body’s vital processes to function normally. Normal blood pH has a very small window of acid/alkaline pH balance.

Blood pH must range between 7.35 and 7.45. This means that there is an adequate amount of oxygen in the blood. Any slight decrease in pH will result in lower oxygen levels in the blood and, therefore, in the cells. Any drop in pH, no matter how slight, is the beginning of a disease state and affects when we age and how we age.

What is the chemistry of water that determines acidity or alkalinity? Acidic water contains more H+ ions than OH- ions. Electrons that compose water molecules are negatively polarized, which give them the ability to create the dynamic environment of the molecule. When electrons are lost, the molecule loses its ability to keep its pH balance.

Water with more OH- ions is alkaline. When the ions in water are balanced, it is neutral water. There is overwhelming evidence on why ion balance is critical to physical and emotional wellbeing of the body. If acidic minerals such as chlorine are added to drinking water, the amount of H+ ions increases because the hydrogen atoms give electrons away to the acidic minerals. Magnetically Treated Water is effective in balancing and keeping electron stability in ions because of its abundance of electrons.


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