Posted by MAXH2OtestAdmin | 16 April 2022

Severe mineral scale buildup was effecting equipment and soils at Barrington Dairy in Montezuma Georgia.  The problem w..

Posted by MAXH2OtestAdmin | 28 November 2019

Improving plant health and increasing soy bean yield in Oxford Nebraska.  Improved permeation, soil moisture, plant hea..

Posted by MAXH2OtestAdmin | 18 February 2018

Riverton Hospital had very poor turf, plants, and trees due to poor water quality and high buildup of minerals in the so..

Posted by MAXH2OtestAdmin | 15 September 2017

Markland Wood Golf Club was experiencing issues with salinity and permeation.  Master Superintendent Owen Russel reache..

Posted by MAXH2OtestAdmin | 31 October 2016

Although it's quite common to find iron in ground (well) water but when it is found in high amounts it not only can caus..

Posted by MAXH2OtestAdmin | 3 March 2016

Hard water leaves deposits on Faucets, Toilets, Shower Doors, and Plumbing fixtures. Over time, these scale deposits ..

Posted by MAXH2OtestAdmin | 29 December 2000

In 2021 the University of Idaho conducted a study to determine the impact of using magnetically influenced water for irr..

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