Improving Turf at MARKLAND WOOD Country Club

Improving Turf at MARKLAND WOOD Country Club

15 September 2017

Markland Wood Golf Club was experiencing issues with salinity and permeation.  Master Superintendent Owen Russel reached out to us to see if a Maximum H2O appliance could address the issue and improve turf quality.

Since Markland was using Toro TurfGaurd in ground soil moisture and salinity monitoring  Owen was able to identify two greens with extremely similar profiles. Green #6 was selected as the trial green and green #4 was designated as the control check.  A 3″ H2O Maximizer was installed in the green’s loop on green #6 to service all 5 rotors on that green.

We tracked our SAR and moisture levels on the test and control greens for 3 years.  Each season the SAR dropped and water infiltration increased on the test green as compared to the other greens.  “It completely changed the soil moisture profile and eliminated the salinity problem.  The numbers were impressive but more importantly, the test green went from sub par to fantastic”.

The members noticed the dramatic visual difference in green #6 so it made it easy to approve the decision to  install a 6” H2O Maximizer in our pump station to treat the entire course.  This is what green #6 looks like now.


The first season after installing the H2O Maximizer in the pump station, we were able to eliminate one of the 3 applications of granular fertilizer.  The cost saving in fertilizer alone was $5,500.00 not including application costs.

“Our investment in Maximum H2O  paid for itself”.


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