Increasing yield in Soy Beans

Increasing yield in Soy Beans

28 November 2019

Improving plant health and increasing soy bean yield in Oxford Nebraska.  Improved permeation, soil moisture, plant health,  and yield.   Reduced runoff, Evapotranspiration loss, and wheel tracks.

Soy bean field in Oxford NE.  The Maximum H2O appliance was installed in the span between the 4th and 5th tower of a Reinke pivot.  This  created a control zone of the inside of the circle and a treated zone on the outside of the circle.  Notice the difference in  plant mass between the two zones.

We visited the field with the grower to pull some samples from the treated and control zones.

Soil was also sampled both for moisture content and permeation depth.  The Max H2O zone had better moisture, deeper permeation, and much smaller pivot tracks.


The plants on the left are from the Max H2O zone and the plants on the right are from the control zone.  Notice the complex root structures in the Max H2O zone due to us getting water into the ground and improving percolation and soil moisture retention.  Also notice the stock thickness, bean loading, and larger canopy.

The circle on the top of this yield map is the the field with the H2O Maximizer installed half way out the pivot. You can see that the perimeter of the field has higher yield than the center (untreated) portion.

Seeing is believing.

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