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One of the most important steps you can take to improve the health, appearance, and efficiency of a site, is to address water quality – first!


The Maximum H2O water conditioning appliance utilizes nanotechnology to alter water at the molecular level, revitalizing it, and allowing it to more easily hydrate and nourish cells.

The H2O Maximizer doesn’t alter the chemical composition of the water molecule (H2O) but it does alter the physical structure, and in turn, the way it behaves and performs.

Water is instantly transformed as it flows through the H2O Maximizer.  This safe, organic process is performed naturally utilizing magnetic technology and requires no filters, chemicals, power, or maintenance.

Reduce irrigation by a minimum of 20%

= Water Savings

= Reduce cycle times

= Save pumping costs

= Extend equipment life

Improve site health and appearance

Enhance nutrient mobility

Improve moisture retention up to 250%

Solve hydrophobic & localized dry spots

Reduced fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides by 10-50%

Improved soil infiltration, soil capillary action and soil moisture profile

Reduced mineral scale buildup & corrosion

Extended equipment longevity

Reduce maintenance!

Irrigate less and save money

Maximum H2O  lowers the viscosity and decreases the surface tension of water.  Installing a Max H2O appliance on the discharge of a pump station results in an increase in flow rates of 10 – 15%.    This improvement in pump efficiency combined with a 20% reduction in irrigation due to enhanced water productivity typically results in pumping costs savings of 25 – 32%.

  • Save water
  • Save energy
  • Extend the life of your pump station
  • Improve health and appearance of site
  • Enhance distribution uniformity

Maximizing returns on your operating expense

Better permeation, percolation, and soil moisture content

Maximum H2O treated water has a lower surface tension. This “wetter” water more easily permeates and infiltrates the soil, and the cellular membrane of turf, plants, and trees.  Improving soil capillary action, soil moisture holding capacity, permeation depths, and overall soil moisture profiles.

Fostering deeper and more complex root structures, healthier plants, and improving drought tolerance. Extremely effective at dissolving salts and leaching them from the soil.

Mellow soils, improve chemistry, and enhance biological activity.

Unlock and mobilize soil bound minerals

Irrigating with Maximum H2O will unbind minerals locked up in your soil and convert these ions into bioavailable nutrients which turf, plants, and trees can consume as nutrition.

In 2016 an independent agronomy company performed a study of 3 competing products claiming to transform water and improve plant and soil health.

Over a 2 month period both soil paste, and plant sap samples were collected and analyzed.  Maximum H2O outperformed the other products in unlocking minerals from the soil and mobilizing them as input to the plant.  The mobilization of salts and calcium was outstanding.

Spray and fertigation applications

The Maximum H2O, softened water significantly improves the performance of chemicals used in spray and fertigation applications. Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, soaps, or any other chemicals used for spraying, cleaning, or fertigation applications just work more effectively.

Water is more soluble, mixes more efficiently, and permeates the plant foliar matter more easily transforming your spray water into an extremely effective chemical delivery mechanism. This results in superior performance while reducing chemical inputs by up to 50%, often totally eliminating the need for surfactants altogether.

Maximum H2O Seed Enhancement

Maximum H2O transforms water at a molecular level. Therefore passing dry seed though an H2O Maximizer before planting effects the 8 – 12% moisture in the grass seed,  making it more bioavailable to the cells, kick-starting the germination process and expediting the protein development within the seed.

  • Faster Germination
  • Higher percentage of seeds germinate
  • Results in healthier, more dominant plants
  • Develop more complex root structures
  • Better quality plants


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